The music & art

of Joe & Laurel Zupo


but first...

Our Story

Our Duo's Name: 6B9

Our thought is... if 6 was 9 you'd have to have a 3. Put in order it's 639.

639 Hz is believed to be a frequency capable of opening your heart up & bringing you compassion from loved ones. Also, it's believed to enhance communication, understanding, tolerance & love.

Another thing that interested us was the discovery of vortex math & how it says 3 6 & 9 are the key to everything.
Nikola Tesla agreed.


Laurel  & Joe start collaborating on  songs.

(he's the music & she's the words)

Pairing our throwback sound & powerful lyrics we believe we are a fresh voice for today's world.

We also believe that there is a place & audience for our music so cheers to finding you!



Collaborating in music & life.

True love = marriage

+ cats



Together, we have created over 100 original songs & completed 9 CD's. To purchase a CD contact us.

Throughout it all, Joe draws.

To purchase his art & merchandise contact us.

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