Our Music

Our Music

Our music weaves through the genres of blues, pop & rock.

It is us. 


We've just started collaborating & creating videos to add visuals to the lyrics & themes of our music.

World of Greed

World of Greed was an old idea from the 1990's, that was never completed.

There are so many examples all over the world, but recently Laurel & I were reminded of the American Financial Crisis of 2007/2008. Then there are all the reports of the wealthy 1%...& finally, with the recent actions of the Trump Administration. Well, we just had to complete the song NOW! ~ Joe

My Mother's Arms

Joe was working on this beautiful piece of music that kept repeating in my head.

My mother had recently passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease in another province.

I missed her and wished that we had been closer.

This song is about the memories of a mother’s special bond. ~ Laurel

Audio Files

Laurel & Joe began collaborating in 2007. Here is a small sampling of our work. Check out some tunes...

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